blog theme song.

apologies to Billy Preston. (and Prestone anti-freeze, for that matter.)

(you know the tune.)

I’ve got a blog ain’t got no subject, y’all,

I’m gonna share it with some unknown entities out there in the cybervoid; — (my songwriting theory: if you’re gonna not scan, might as well go to extremes.)


Will it go round in circuits?

Will it fry fly like a pi in yo gee you eye;

Will it go round in circuits?

Or will it just jump in a lump to some bit bucket in the sky?

I’ll write a post ain’t got no moral;

There’s enough happy horseshit in the social net. (x2)

Will it go ’round in circuits?

Will it gnaw craw like a flawed sinner full of awe? (x2)

3rd verse goes here. let me know when you finish it. It should probably be about how I only get moved to write a couple times in a blue moon and by then I’m embarrassed by the last thing I wrote.

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